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Music Soothes The Soul


Everyone knows that music can be relaxing, annoying, uplifting and energizing.  In the spa world, I’m always looking for the BEST OF THE BEST and my clients reactions will tell me all I need to know about what’s relaxing and what keeps them awake. Snoring is usually the litmus test of what works and what doesn’t. Music actually effects the brain, body, muscles, tissue and nervous system and this is why it is so important [...]

Launch Party for New Jersey Beauty & Wellness Professionals

New Jersey Beauty & Wellness Professionals

May 2012 marked the launch of Lora Condon’s dream organization called New Jersey Beauty and Wellness Professionals.  This group brings together some of the best professionals in the beauty and wellness industry. From celebrity hairstylists and makeup artists to wellness counselors and clothing stylists.  This celebrity laden group all hails from the Garden State and came together for the official launch party in Westfield, NJ. Stephen Marinaro, TheSalonGuy shot this awesome video of the party, [...]

Luxe Life Mobile Beauty Hits the Tri-State Area

I had the great honor of doing eyelash extensions for Luxe Life Beauty at their launch.  Luxe Life is a mobile beauty company started by celebrity hairstylist Ianthe Foushee.  Whether it’s a girls night out or your wedding day, Luxe Life’s celebrity artists are going to make you look your best.  Check out this review of the launch party and be sure to book them for your next event.

David Beckham, the LA Galaxy and Herbalife – Perfect Together


Check out what the LA Galaxy, David Beckham and Herbalife have in common. Come in and get a FREE wellness evaluation and see what Herbalife products can help you create the life and body you want.  

The Benefits of Krill Oil According to Dr Oz

Get Your Krill Oil here: Herbalife’s Tri-Shield is the most pure form of Krill Oil on the market. Many people today are talking about the benefits of Krill oil and Dr. Oz recently discussed krill oil on his show. Many people have heard about the benefits of Omega 3 oil, but krill oil is another great supplement that should be a part of your diet. Krill oil is produced directly from a species of [...]

Secrets of the Mayan Abdominal Massage Hits the Spot


I had no idea what a Mayan abdominal massage consisted of but since I’m always up for something new, I decided to try it out on my vacation in Belize, where it originated.  We all know that ancient healers and shamans have existed but their knowledge and expertise is not always passed down to future generations.  Luckily, Dr. Rosita Arvigo was able to learn this ancient healing massage from shaman Don Elijio Panti.  Although the method is [...]

Astonish Magazine Launch Party


Astonish Magazine is the newest and I must say the freshest fashion magazine on the market today. It’s so refreshing and about time that NEW photographers, models and artists are given the freedom to create new images in fashion and art.  Not too many fashion magazines really let the artist create freely.  It’s a sad truth and thats why Astonish is really astonishing! Marcy Clark of the Women’s Mafia and Yellow Sky Agency put the [...]

Spa Wars Event at Nick Arrojo for Beauty Bloggers and Writers

Yes, one of my dreams has come true; my name and Nick Arrojo’s name are in the same sentence! What better way to spend a night in the city than hearing me read a few chapters from Spa Wars – The Ugly Truth About the Beauty Industry, getting your hair and makeup done by Nick Arrojo and stylists from world famous Nick Arrojo Salon, jewelry from J. Rudy Lewis and meeting the best beauty bloggers [...]