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Help For Those Suffering with Eczema and Psoriasis

HELP FOR THOSE SUFFERING WITH ECZEMA AND PSORIASIS   As an esthetician I have clients on almost a daily basis with skin issues that require more than an exfoliator, moisturizer or peel.  Certain skin conditions require a whole body overhaul and most doctors and lower level estheticians are not equipped to help you get to the bottom of your skin condition and on the road to better skin.  While you might not always be able [...]

My Favorite Mascaras and How To Use Them For Maximum Length and Volume

I LOVE MASCARA AND I’M OBSESSED WITH LASHES!! Here is how I apply almost all mascara’s to get the biggest, longest, lushest lashes around. First I “roll” the brush through the lashes on the top part of the lashes. This is the part of the lash that is facing the eyelid. Make sure to coat all the lashes and separate them well. Then I redip the mascara wand and roll the brush through the front [...]