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Fashion Week with Dore Designs


YES, I admit that I love anything with rhinestones, glitter or sequins. After all, I am a Jersey girl.  As much as I love Michael Kors, I was just as much in my glory at the fashion show for Dore Designs featuring their first evening wear designs. NO, they are not new designers, but they’re actually professional dance wear designers. So yes, it was like taking the best outfits from Dancing With The Stars and [...]

What is the Best City for Your Skin?


As an esthetician, I have had clients from all over the world.  One of the major issues in health and appearance of skin is where you live! If you move from Arizona with no moisture in the air to Florida where it’s all humidity, your skin will feel it. Changes in seasons, humidity and wind can dramatically effect the skin and how it looks, acts and feels. This article from The Daily Glow, tells you [...]