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Holistic Body Realignment for Athletes


  Holistic Body Realignment, is a full body treatment that was inspired by Derek Jeter and his injury at the end of the 2012 season. After Jeter’s injury, I began to think about what methods I would use to help heal his ankle in order to for him to return to the field as quickly, and in the best health possible. I developed a treatment that blends together some of the best non-invasive treatment modalities [...]

Oscars, Nipple Darts and Titty Suction Cups?

from bad to worse!

    The best part of the Oscars, is that we’re all invited to the after-party. You know, the time after the awards when we rip certain celebs apart for their bad taste or clamor for the hottest dress or hairstyle. It’s all in good fun, because in Hollywood, award ceremonies or Project Runway; one day you’re in and the next day you’re out! Here are some of my best/worst picks for the night. Lets [...]

Have you tried a cupping treatment yet?


This January, my friend and I traveled to China and HAD to visit the spas. No hotel spas for us.  We wanted the real deal. I have to say, I was surprised.  In America, Chinese spas don’t have the best reputation for quality or cleanliness, but these spas were lovely, clean and beautifully decorated.  We went to two different spas, where they spoke very little English.  I wasn’t there for a conversation, so it didn’t [...]