If You’ve Had a “Hard Night,” Get Ready For A “Good Morning”

Hard Night, Good Morning Skin Care


When I first heard about this skin care line, I laughed thinking, “Oh yeah, I’ve been there.”  We’ve all has those nights where we partied way too much and now we’re dehydrated and wrinkled like a raisin.  Trying to cover the dark under-eye circles just becomes a big mess as the concealer becomes cakey looking and draws more attention to the lines.


Here to the rescue is my new favorite skin care line, Hard Night, Good Morning.  I’m a very harsh judge of skin care, so I tend to judge a line by it’s eye cream and masks.  Yes, masks!  A good mask, can do so much for long term as well as emergency skin situations.  The developers might freak out when finding this out, but I test eye creams everywhere buy my eyes before I use them.  When testing, I put the eye cream on my feet, lips and cuticles.  I figure if it hydrates those areas and makes them feel silky smooth, healed and repaired, than it will do wonders for my delicate eye area.


It worked really well on my body, so I knew it would work wonders on my eyes.  I loved it so much, I have to admit, I put it all over my face.  I mean, why should only my eyes be invited to the party?  The first two ingredients are aloe and squalane, not water, which already tells me these people are serious about their skin care results.


On those days when you look in the mirror and wonder, “Who stole my face and replaced it with my mothers,” enter a big jar of a Detox Mineral Mask.  This is one of the most amazing clay masks ever and I’ve used thousands of masks in my life.  It smelled amazing, felt rich and creamy, but actually dried like clay on my skin.  It tingled when I put it on, but not too much.  I automatically wanted to put it all over my body and get wrapped up like a burrito to detox all over.  After 15 minutes, I rinsed it off, and thankfully, it came off easy.  My skin felt amazing, refreshed, and hydrated, unlike most clay masks which can make your skin feel like sandpaper afterwards.


If you’ve read my book Spa Wars, you know I am pretty ruthless when checking out ingredients in product lines and this one is definitely BEAUTY BUSTER APPROVED.  Congrats and keep up the good work.  For more information or to order products, go to http://hardnightgoodmorning.com/


Here is their basic mission statement and the products certainly hold up to it. We’ve combined botanical and nutritional expertise with the latest advances in biotechnology to provide natural and plant based products safe for anyone who is vegan (we never test on animals—we love our furry friends too much), or allergic to gluten. Plus, all of our award-winning, globally sourced products are paraben, phosphate, sulfate and phthalate free, and safe for all skin types, including sensitive and acne prone skin

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