How Milania Professional Hair Care Made It to Dr. Oz

A few weeks ago I got a call from a producer at the Dr. Oz show asking me to be featured on the show.  OMG, of course I said, “Yes.”  After hanging up, the first thing I thought about was my hair.  “What am I going to do about my hair?”  As a professional makeup artist, I knew I’d be doing my own makeup and I already had the perfect outfit I felt comfortable in, pressed and ready.

My first phonecall was to Stephen Marinaro, TheSalonGuy, ( for his expertise in styling my hair for the first day of shooting.  After assessing my hair, he was so excited to use his new favorite products.  Since I’m called, The Beauty Buster, of course I couldn’t wait to hear, see, smell and use his new favorite products.  I was shocked to learn they were the 3 superstar products from Milania Professional Hair Care.  My hair is very fine, really processed, very curly and usually frizzy, so getting it full, straight and Jersey big, is no easy task.

He used Milania’s 3 products on my hair and I was anxious to see what the final result would be for the big day.  While he was doing my hair, he explained what made these products and their 8 essential healing and nourishing ingredients so different and better than the thousands of other products he’s used before.

Celebrity hairstylist, Jerel James and Teresa Giudice, put together the best ingredients to help protect hair that is chemically treated or compromised due to flat irons, high heat and curling irons.  The 3 products are Total Vitamin Leave-In Treatment, Keratin Heat Protector and the Argan Oil Infusion Serum.  Stephen used the Total Vitamin and Keratin Heat Protector in my wet hair to style, nourish and protect my hair.  After styling, he used the Argan Oil to get rid of the fly-aways and leave my hair looking like silk.  It was so nice to finally NOT be frizzy, like I have been when using different products.

Since there is argan oil, keratin, avocado oil and silk in the products, my hair immediately felt stronger, shiny and full of body. Woo hooo, here I come Dr. Oz!! I felt so confident and beautiful, which is exactly how you need to feel when going on the #1 show in the country.

I highly recommend getting all 3 of these products and seeing the immediate change in your hair.  You can also check out their website and Facebook page to get a blow-out at one of their events.

About the Author: Lora Condon

Since 1998 Lora has been bringing her artistic skill and healing spirit to people from Toronto to D.C. Her work has appeared on Good Morning America, Ladies Home Journal, The New York Times, Olive Garden, ESPN Sunday Night Football, Tony Award Winning Broadway show Blithe Spirit as well as many other celebrities and magazines.

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  • You looked great. The products sound great especially since they contain argan oil.

  • Precisely what I’ve been searching for. My curling iron gets a never ending workout!

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