It’s almost that time of year again, and I don’t mean Christmas. I mean bathing suit time. Bathing suits mean you’ll be showing more skin, which means your skin needs to be silky smooth and hair free. The best way to remove hair in the summer is by waxing. Personal grooming “down there” has become quite popular for women as well as men. Lets face it, we love it when a man returns the favor! Here are a few pointers when looking for a bikini wax whether you’re a man or woman.

A basic bikini wax consists of the hair that comes outside your basic bathing suit bottom, even if it’s a speedo! A Brazilian wax can be called a few different names, so I recommend speaking with your waxer to determine just how much hair you want to remove. Brazilians usually consist of removing the hair from the buttocks and in-between the butt cheeks. The hair from the labia and general bikini area is removed. The front part is waxed into the infamous landing strip. Some women choose to remove it all from the front or you can leave a smaller patch of hair. I like to call a mans Brazilian, a Boyzilian! In this case, all the hair is removed from between the butt cheeks. You can leave or remove the hair on the buttocks. All the hair is removed from below and along the sides the testicles as well as the base of the penis. The hair in front can be removed, trimmed or buzzed down. This is all a matter of personal taste. No pun intended!

I highly recommend getting a referral for a waxer from someone you know. This is not an area you want to trust to any cheap nail salon.  Not all salons that do waxing, work on men, so make sure you ask if they have done male bikini or Brazilian waxing before.

If this is your first time, relax! It’s not as bad as the movies make it look. I do recommend taking an aspirin about ½ an hour before the treatment though. Don’t do anything that will make your skin cells swell before waxing, because this will make it more painful. This could include drinking coffee, eating chocolate, working out, sweating and of course your menstrual cycle. Waxing should feel like a band-aid being ripped off, and the pain should dissipate shortly after the strip is removed. After any waxing, be careful not to expose the area to the sun and use sunblock so the area does not become discolored. I also recommend using a scrub brush or body scrub a few times a week over the waxed area to prevent ingrown hairs.

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