With so many skin care products on the market, how is the average person supposed to know what products are best for their skin type? It’s really not that confusing once you have a few basics down. There are a few myths I am going to dispel, as well as a few tips I’m going to share. The skin is the largest organ of the body and the least respected. In your average health class, you probably learned all about every other organ and how to take care of it. I’m sure you were never taught how to take care of your skin. Most people would say they learned everything they know about skin from beauty magazines. Well magazines are paid by the cosmetic companies to promote their products, so you might not always be getting unbiased information.

Only in the past 10 years has skin care in America become popular. Here are a few quick basics tips to get you started on achieving beautiful, glowing skin.

1. Squeaky clean skin is not clean skin. That squeaky clean feeling is actually skin that has been stripped of all the moisture. That moisture is made of oil and water that is needed to protect the skins outer layer. A lot of people say, “Well if my skin isn’t squeaky clean, then I get oily after an hour.” What is really happening is that you strip your skin and it thinks it’s dry, so it produces more oil to compensate. You’re probably not as oily as you think. It’s just that you’re not used to having moisture on your skin. Blot away with a tissue if you need, and bask in the glow!

2. If your skin feels tight, dry and itchy right after you wash your face, this is most likely due to your cleanser being too strong for your skin type. Change your cleanser to something milky and more gentle and you’ll probably correct that problem after one cleansing. After washing, your skin should feel clean but still soft and moist. You don’t cure skin problems like acne or breakouts with a cleanser. You use a treatment serum to do that. A cleanser only removes makeup, surface debris, dead skin cells and excess oil.

3. A dermatologist specializes in skin diseases and medications to treat those diseases. They do not get trained in cosmetics and taking care of the skin cosmetically. The samples they give you are given to them from the sales reps, and samples are an easy way to make the client feel like the Dr. was at least trying to help. There are a few dermatologists who study cosmetics and how to take care of the skin. Some will even employ estheticians to cosmetically take care of the skin while the doctor takes care of the medical side.

4.You don’t need a banana boat load of products to have beautiful skin. The three most important products are a gentle cleanser, gentle exfoliator and sunblock. Sunblock is to youthful skin as location is to real estate! Make sure your products don’t contain mineral oil, sodium laurel sulfate, talc, petroleum, petrolatum, lanolin, or paraffin. These are usually common pore cloggers. The first 5 ingredients are the most important, since that is what the product is mostly made of. Anything after the first 5 ingredients is in such a small amount, it doesn’t really effect the product that much. So if the cream says it’s Vitamin E based and Vitamin E isn’t in the first 5 ingredients, then there is almost no Vitamin E in the product. Start reading labels and you’ll be shocked at how the advertising claims don’t match the ingredient list.

Here are a few skin care lines that I absolutely love. I have worked with these lines for years and my clients have seen great results with each of them. They are, Nelly du Vuyst, Phoenix Rising All Natural Skin and Body Care, Young Living, and XTREME Lash. Price is not always a factor in a product being effective, but I will tell you that there is definitely a difference in lines you find in the mall and/or drug store as opposed to those you find in a spa. Mall and drug store lines use models, celebrities and huge ad campaigns to promote products to consumers. Salon and spa lines have to prove the product to the licensed esthetician first, before they’ll promote it to their consumers. The goal of an esthetician is to have a clientele, so if the products they recommend don’t work, their clients won’t come back for their expert advice. It’s the estheticians job to read the labels for the client and recommend products according to their skin type.

I hope these few tips get you thinking about how to take care of your skin so it stays youthful and glowing. Hopefully your friends will start asking you for skin care tips!

About the Author: Lora Condon

Since 1998 Lora has been bringing her artistic skill and healing spirit to people from Toronto to D.C. Her work has appeared on Good Morning America, Ladies Home Journal, The New York Times, Olive Garden, ESPN Sunday Night Football, Tony Award Winning Broadway show Blithe Spirit as well as many other celebrities and magazines.

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  • I LOVE your blog. I’m a energyworker who is really into “skin preservation”. I always wondered about the mall/drugstore products and the lines I see at the spas and salons.

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  • Never take your skin for granted. Aging and environmental effects will eventually take their toll so it is always worth taking extra special care of your skin

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