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Beauty Busted – The worst lies in the beauty industry

millennium joy behar 9_14

Click on the link to read the article I wrote in Millennium Magazine, titled, Beauty Busted. From microdermabrasion creams, microneeding and lash extensions. You NEED to know!! FIGHTING FOR YOUR RIGHT TO BE BEAUTIFUL click on link, then go to page 26 PAGE 26  

Dry Shampoo to the Rescue

dry shampoo

I’m a little late…ok…a lot late to the dry shampoo game. I always thought it was gross and couldn’t possibly work. I have to admit that I sweat a lot when I sleep.  One would think I’m running marathons in my sleep but my big butt tells another story. I have crazy dreams and I guess do some crazy stuff in my sleep, so in turn, I have to wash my hair everyday. There is [...]

Music Soothes The Soul


Everyone knows that music can be relaxing, annoying, uplifting and energizing.  In the spa world, I’m always looking for the BEST OF THE BEST and my clients reactions will tell me all I need to know about what’s relaxing and what keeps them awake. Snoring is usually the litmus test of what works and what doesn’t. Music actually effects the brain, body, muscles, tissue and nervous system and this is why it is so important [...]